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Emma's Story

For years, the handball player Emma Lindqvist has been aware of her unresolved heart condition, despite repeated medical consultations. When she transitioned to a new handball club, the team doctor decided the problem needed to be resolved and an investigation began. A series of cardiac evaluations were conducted with various monitoring devices, but none were able to reveal the abnormality as they could not remain in place during Emma's training sessions.

That's when MedBeat introduced its medical technology - VIVO, a portable and waterproof long-term ECG device. This compact device, which is discreet, completely wireless and user-friendly, played a crucial role in identifying Emma's heart condition. With VIVO, she was able to continuously monitor her heart health over several days, even with an active lifestyle. On the third day of recording, during an exercise session, VIVO recorded the heart rhythm disturbances. This discovery provided important information that allowed MedBeat to compile an accurate cardiac report for Emma's team doctor.

Based on this information, the medical team decided to proceed with a minor surgical procedure. A few days later, Emma returned to the court, fully ready to play handball again!

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