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Monitor your cardiac health with MedBeat

Monitor your heart

We make the process quick and easy.
Order an ECG Device

We send the device to your home along with a heart recording kit.

Record your heart

Attach the device while living your day to day life. When you have finished the recording, send the device back directly to MedBeat.

Return device and get your ECG report

Our experienced cardiologists analyze your data and send you a final report within a week.

No cables

The device is designed without complicated cables, making it easier for you to wear the device and live your daily life.

High ECG quality

Experience unparalleled accuracy with our high-frequency ECG sampling technology.


Shower without removing the device, providing cardiologists with a more profound view of your heart.

Longer recording time

With the device you are able to record your heart's ECG signal for up to a week without charging it. 

Why record?

So you can check your heart and get a diagnosis faster.

Protect your heart

Nearly 40% of people are at risk of serious arrhythmias. These arrhythmias account for 30% of all strokes.

Check Your Heartbeat

The most common arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, which is present among 2% of the world's population.

Detect Arrhythmias Anywhere

The ability to record your cardiac rhythm continuously is essential for an accurate diagnosis, capturing critical heart data wherever you are.

Hear it from our users

The future of cardiac healthcare.

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