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Optimize your training with MedBeat

Prioritize your heart

We make the process quick and easy.

The Swedish Sports Confederation recommends that elite athletes over 16 years old should screen their hearts once a year. If you are an athlete who trains extensively, we also recommend that you undergo a heart screening with us. This way, you can ensure that your heart can withstand the demands of your training.

Discover Insights from Our Users

“After experiencing these feelings of doubt, I would strongly recommend that every athlete takes their heart health seriously. A sports career is a marathon and not a race. It requires absolute professionalism both on and off the pitch, especially when it comes to the body.”

Emma Lindqvist, Handball player in the Swedish National Team

No cables
High ECG quality
Both longer battery and recording time

The package, conveniently delivered to your doorstep, enables you to conduct a self-examination without disrupting your lifestyle.

After returning the package, our experienced cardiologists will analyze your results, providing you with a detailed cardiac report. Experience top-tier heart care from the comfort of your home.

Our Service

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