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  • MedBeat's ECG device detects multiple cardiac irregularities, including atrial fibrillation, and can be used anywhere - at home, at work, or during training. It's used to diagnose symptoms that could lead to future diseases like sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.

    Long-term ECG

    • The device is sent to your home in a kit with accessories so that you can record your heart’s activity. You simply need to attach the device and wear it as you go about your normal daily routine. We suggest recording your heart for at least 24 hours to ensure accurate readings, but you can record for up to a month if you're waiting to experience a specific symptom. Once you're done recording, you send the device back to us. Our team of skilled cardiologists will then review your data and send you a final report with the results.

    • Shipping is included for both delivery and return.