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  • MedBeat's ECG device detects multiple cardiac irregularities, including atrial fibrillation, and can be used anywhere - at home, at work, or during training. It's used to diagnose symptoms that could lead to future diseases like sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.

    VIVO Long-term ECG

    • Our ECG kit is designed for simplicity. With all the essentials included, monitoring your heart at home has never been easier. Just attach the device and continue with your daily routine. All information needed is described in our user manual.


      For the most accurate results, we recommend a minimum of 24 hours of heart monitoring. However, if you're waiting for specific symptoms, you can record for up to a week without charging the device. Please note that our analysis will focus on max. 1 continuous week of data. The device needs to be returned within 30 days of receiving it.


      Once we receive your device, our team of skilled cardiologists will carefully review your data. MedBeat will provide you with a detailed and informative report, including the results of the analysis. Feel free to contact MedBeat at if you have any questions. We are here to support your journey to a healthier heart.

    • Shipping is included for both delivery and return.

    • For how long can the device record my heart?
      We recommend recording your heart continuously for at least 24 hours. For recordings up to a week, you don't need to charge the device. If you want to record more than one week, the device needs to be charged. Note that only 1 continuous week of recording will be analyzed.
    • How do you know when the device needs to be charged?
      In our user manual that is sent with the order, you will find all the information regarding charging, turning the device on/off, and when the memory is full.
    • Do you have to take off the device when you exercise or shower?
      The device is designed without complicated cables to make it as easy as possible to wear and use during the recording period. The electrodes that the device is attached to are placed directly on your skin, and they will not fall off during intense workouts or in the shower.
    • Is the final report difficult to understand?
      The final report is written by a specialist doctor who describes the cardiac activity and makes an assessment of whether deviations occur. Sometimes medical terms need to be used. It is not possible to suggest treatment based on the results of a long-term ECG. There are many factors to consider, including symptoms, age, previous diseases, current diseases, family illnesses, status (= physical examination when the doctor listens to the heart, lungs, checks blood pressure, etc.). We only provide an assessment of the recording. You own this and can use it for your potential healthcare contacts.
    • How do you know how to turn on the device?
      In our user manual that is sent with the order, you will find all the information regarding charging, turning the device on/off, and when the memory is full.
    • What's included in the order?
      When ordering, we send you the ECG device in a kit along with electrodes, charger, user manual and a patient diary. If the device is used by the patient for an extended amount of time only 1 continuous week of data will be analyzed. The reasoning of a month-long rental is solely for detecting arrhythmias which occur less frequently.
    • When should I send the device back?
      The device has to be placed for return within 30 days of receiving it. Once you have recorded your heart for the period you are satisfied with, return the device to us using the return package included in your order. If you wish to extend the rental period see Terms and Conditions section Extension of rental time.
    • How can I delete my account/data from the app as a user?
      To do so, please write an email to us containing your full name and personal number and that you would like us to delete your account/data to
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