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How it works

After ordering, you'll receive a heart recording kit in the mail. We suggest recording your heart for at least 24 hours to ensure accurate readings, but you can record for up to a month if you're waiting to experience a specific symptom.


After wearing the ECG device, return it to us by mail. Our cardiologists will analyze your ECG signal, provide a summary of the data, and send you a personalized report on your heart's rhythm and overall health.

MedBeat's ECG device detects multiple cardiac irregularities, including atrial fibrillation, and can be used anywhere - at home, at work, or during training. It's used to diagnose symptoms that could lead to future diseases like sudden cardiac arrest and stroke.

If you have heart-related symptoms and your resting ECG shows no irregularities or if you haven't had an ECG yet, consider screening your heart with us.

Jens Burman competing after using heart monitor in preseason


The Swedish Sports Confederation recommends that elite athletes over 16 years old should screen their hearts once a year. If you are an athlete who trains extensively, we also recommend that you undergo a heart screening with us. This way, you can ensure that your heart can withstand the demands of your training.