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Terms and Conditions for Private Person

Rental of long term ECG


Long term ECG

MedBeat has outlined in this document the terms and conditions applicable when a long term ECG device is rented. If you have any questions regarding what is written, feel free to contact us at


The terms and conditions below apply for customers unless some other written agreement is signed by both MedBeat and the customer. Otherwise in registering to receive a long term ECG the customer accepts these terms and conditions. 

Receiving/Return of device

Once the customer orders their device they will be notified when their device has been sent to them. The time period for the shipping may vary depending upon availability of devices. MedBeat keeps track of the order throughout the delivery process and will contact the customer if there have been any issues. 


When the device is to be returned the customer simply packs all equipment into the return bag in the original package, the bag is labeled with a return label. MedBeat will automatically be notified on the day the package is mailed. The device is considered to be returned on time if the mailing day occurs before the rental period expires.


The customer is not responsible for any shipping fees during delivery or return.

Rental time

The long term ECG device is rented out for one month at a time. The device should be placed in the mail for return to MedBeat within this time period. If the customer wishes to prolong the rental period see section Extension of rental time.


It is to be noted that even if the device is used by the patient for an extended amount of time only a week of data will be analyzed. The week which is analyzed is specified by the patient. The reasoning of a month-long rental is solely for detecting arrhythmias which occur less frequently.


Initial rental

The cost of the initial months rental costs a total of 4 995 sek. The payment for this rental will be made before the device is sent to the customer when they order the device through the website.

Extension of rental

If the rental period is to be extended the customer is to pay an extra 1000 sek for each additional month. The length of the extension period (number of weeks) will be decided between the customer and MedBeat. Once decided, the payment must be made to MedBeat before the end date of the prior rental period.

Extension of rental time

Each time the customer wishes to extend the rental period they must contact MedBeat at and get approval for the said extension. This extension of a rental agreement must be agreed upon before the initial rental period is over. The customer is limited to a maximum rental period of 6 months.

Care and operation

The device shall be operated in a way that complies with the instruction manual. It shall not be used in any way not included in the manual. If anything about the device is unclear the customer shall contact MedBeat. 


If the device is to malfunction or break in any way, the customer is prohibited to repair or change it in any way. The damages or problems should be reported to MedBeat as soon as possible and the device shall be returned.

Additional Charges

Late Fee

If the device is not placed in the mail back to MedBeat within the specified rental time the customer will first be notified of their missed return date and will then be automatically charged for a month-long extension. This charge comes in the form of an invoice for 1000 sek. This applies until the device has been with the customer for 6 months. At this point the device counts as missing and the customer will be charged an appropriate amount to replace it.

Damage of device or missing parts

Misuse which leads to the damage/destruction of the device, and/or missing parts will lead to additional charges. These charges vary depending on the extent of the damage.


If the customer wishes to insure the device in case of damage or theft it is up to them to do this on their own. MedBeat does not offer any insurance options. 


MedBeat, who cannot monitor the customers use of the rented device and the circumstances under which the device is used, is not responsible for personal injury, or property damage that may arise from the customers use of the device. 


If the device is to malfunction in a way that the customer is not responsible for, then the device must be returned to MedBeat and a new device will be sent to the customer as quickly as possible.

Condition of Equipment

Once the device is received by MedBeat it will be inspected. The customer is freed of their responsibility for the device when the package is received with all necessary parts in good working condition.


Throughout the rental period the device is owned by MedBeat. Anything in this contract that may be interpreted as the customer having ownership of the device does not give them any ownership.

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