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Why should I use an ECG-device?

Have you ever experienced heart palpitations, noticed a few irregular heartbeats or are you worried about potential future health problems? Maybe you are facing the challenge of participating in one or more demanding long-distance races? If so, you should have a long-term ECG to gain a deeper understanding of your heart's function and ensure your future health. 


What is an ECG-device?

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a non-invasive device that records and measures the electrical activity of the heart, which is crucial for detecting potential abnormalities. It relies on electrodes applied to the patient that send information to a main unit, which processes signals generated by each heartbeat.

MedBeat's device

To avoid the long waiting times for Holter monitoring, MedBeat offers an improved solution that is effective, easy to access and fast. MedBeat's provided device, VIVO is not to be confused with a heart rate monitor, but is a wireless long-term ECG device that is attached with electrodes and can monitor heart activity for up to 30 days. The device allows the user to live a completely normal life during this period, with full capacity to sleep, shower and engage in physical activity with the device attached.

VIVO can be used both to analyze potential heart problems and to prevent them, where preventive measures can be taken to avoid complications.


Different types of ECG-examinations

ECGs can be performed at rest or during physical activity, under controlled conditions. Alternatively, a more extensive and prolonged test can be done, called long-term ECG or Holter monitoring.

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